By the authority vested in me by the Holy Ordos of the Emperor’s Inquisition, I hereby charge you with this mission. You will go forth, and determine the myriad heresies of the Logician Tech-Cult. You will determine the extent of the completion of this plot, the materials and personnel they are perverting twoards this plot, and the nature of their employment. You will excise the cancer that this tech-cult represents. You will take its members back to the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla either in chains or mounted upon a spike. If alive, they will be interrogated to the fullest extent and ability of the flesh-smiths, then they shall suffer immersion in molten brass as their punishment for their sins. Thus do I, Iacton Vern, Inquisior Marshal of the Ordo Calixis charge you to undertake thine holy duty.

The Logician Incident